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If you know anything about us, you know we are obsessed with everything music. Recently we were invited to an open mic night and we were HYPED to go!

MUSOS is an open mic night in Wolverhampton. They set the stage, you light it up. After their explosive debut, MUSOS has gone on to be a monthly success, showcasing diverse talent. We were especially lucky to attend last month (September) as not only was there music, but a comedian.  There was plenty music and plenty laughs, not least by the amazing host and resident DJ who bounced off each other all night.

MUSOS takes place in the courtyard of the Lighthouse Wolverhampton, which is a large outdoor/indoor area. You do feel the cold, but you’re sheltered by a high glass roof and watched over by the autumn night sky which, on a clear night, is really quite impressive and quite frankly, stunning.

You’d be forgiven for being skeptical about how the acoustics would work in such a space but they do. The setup is condensed to harness the sound quality and ensure that guests get the very best experience. The seating is cabaret style with standing space at the back for dancing, mingling and networking.

We grabbed a drink and some snacks and chose a table and the front, to the left of the stage. What ensued was a whirlwind of talent. Love songs, conscious rap, music to get you moving, singing, thinking. (We’ll include links to all of our favourites below!)

As much as we loved the music, the comedian was a welcome change of pace. Nerves were rattling in the first part of his short set but by the end, it was like an old friend relaying a classic "you couldn't make this sh*t up" story about his family that was rewarded with hearty laughs from the audience. Then, after telling us a hilarious story about his dad, he proceeds to point him out "he's sat right there actually" and then the unintentional finisher when he fell over the dividing ropes at the side of the stage. In his short post performance interview, he said that he hadn't intended to perform at MUSOS but felt he could do it once he had gotten there. Which we feel is testament to the atmosphere of MUSOS and although we didn't know this comedian very well, we felt a pang of pride that he got up on the stage and gave it a go.

What we enjoyed most about MUSOS, was that among the audience, there was a camaraderie that was just so empowering. As well as the founders of MUSOS, there was the founders of many other platforms and creative groups that had come out to support friends, family and people they had never met before, all with wholesome enthusiasm. This platform prides itself on the basis that anyone can attend and perform. You could be a beginner, just finding your feet, a seasoned performer or testing the waters, it really didn’t matter. There was no headliners, no favourites, a trend which is so prevalent in some other platforms and creates a culture where there is an unspoken hierarchy. At MUSOS there is only equals and creative colleagues. We'll be attending again in October and hope to see you there!

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