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Recording & Performing Artist


With music that fuses Hip-Hop, R&B, Indie and a little bit of reggae, Lekky tells stories through melodic raps.

Fiercely independent, her diverse sound and ability to merge genres sets her apart from melting pots of artist in the UK!

Elevation Music Group are a Live Music Production, Live Music Staffing and Artist Development company based in the Midlands. As a company they strive to make a difference in the music industry, allowing artists to activate their vision and run with it by making it a reality.  EMG have worked with diverse artists within both the Gospel and Secular world, including artists like Tiggs Da Author, Th3 Saga (USA), Sean C Johnson (USA), Shopé (Canada), CrossFya, Byron & Favour, Relley C, Meliah and Mike Bolt.

Lekky will be joined by Elevation Music Group to provide a full live band experience at The Hip-Hop Gala this Christmas!

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