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Southern American Soul Food & Mexican Street-Food

Soul Food & Street Food

One thing about Hip-Hop... IT WAS BORN IN THE STREETS! It was never forced, it is not manufactured.

True Hip-Hop always comes from these soul! So what better way to celebrate the culture than with Street Food & Soul Food Fusion Specialist, La Vida Loca Kitchen.

La Vida Loca was founded by Tyriq Salieu who has travelled across continents and found a love for food!

Tyriq spent years in Oakland, California and has family born in Georgia which is home of the new Hip-Hop Capital of the world, Atlanta which is also home to OutKast who's song "Player's Ball" inspired The Hip-Hop Gala!

Tyriq is the founder and Head chef at the fastest growing and elite food kitchen in the West Midlands, La Vida Loca Kitchen who will be Serving up a Soul Food Fusion Inspired by African, Southern American & Latin American Flavours at The Mill to keep you sustained through the event.

So, Let's see what's on the menu!

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